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One day in the summer of 2007, the danish newspaper Jyllandsposten mentioned an investigation. It confirmed to me, that there are five things almost all people want to have. It is…

  1. More money.
  2. More spare time.
  3. Both more money and more spare time.
  4. Less stress in life.
  5. Recognition for what they do well.

That is what I can help you to get!

It makes a big difference, either you want to have it like that, or you are willing to do something for it. If you hand over the decision to the luck in the lotto, then you are out of controle of when it will happen.
If you will work determined for it, you can get it with help from a very simple business model, that can give you a passive income. Such an income can supply to or replace your existing income. At least an extra income will often be lifestyle-money, that can make life more funny.

There are books about this subject. Robert T Kiyosaki has investigated how the caschflow in the world is sheared. It is surprising to make the experience, that….
90% of all people share 10% of the worlds money. (those who have a job)
10% of all people share 90% of the worlds money. (those who make an asset giving a constant profit)
The last mentioned group has probably reached the five points, and I claim, that they live their dream life, where ever in the world they live.

I can only guess, which group you want to be in, but I can garantee, that it is much more simpel to come to the 10% than you think!

Are you living your dream life? – and if the answer is no, why not?

I live my dreamlife now, and I am so happy, that I now (free of charge) can informe, advise and help people to get the lifestyle they want. For most people is it basicly, to have freedom and money enough to buy or to do what they want.

By means of a global network cooperation, I can be involved to helpe people in nearly 90 countries.

This is the simple reason, why I call my business…

Global Dream Life Business
Now, money themselfes does not make anyone happy, but they do a lot of things easier an more funny. A job is a perfect short term solution, but can be a risky long term solution, and here is always limits for earning money and having freedom. It is also the best to be young, experiensed, independet, healthy, well educated (in the right thing!), stressimmune, flexible, changeble and positively related to the dream of the boss. It is not always the dream of the staff!!

About  to be changebel:

80% of all people are against changes.
Changes makes people insecure and they are uncomfortable. But the result of not to change/learn something different can be much more uncomfortable!
Even to change a few, simple habits, that can make life much, much more comfortable to live, can be a challenge for many people, but could be worthfull to do.

But 20% of all people are aware, that everything changes faster than ever.
– They have a good future ahead of them.
– They know, that old opportunities are replaced by new and often better ones.
– They focus positive at solutions in stead of negativ at problems and fear.
– They are allways openminded for information of new opportunities, independed of, what they are doing         at present.
– They act on real information and knowledge, and not at roomers or other peoples beleaf, feelings and loss       of knowledge.
– They want to do something, that other people could not even dream of, in order to get a life style, that other people only are dreaming of!

In my business I am looking for people, who are looking for new oppertunities for a better lifestyle.

If you belong to the 20%, or if you are tired of belonging to the 80%, then I have some interesting information. You deserve to give yourself the opportunity to see it.
I have no idea of, if it is interesting for you, and so haven’t you, untill you have seen it.
If you are interested, please contact me. You can meet me, ore one of my business partners, if you live far away from Denmark.

As someone said:”There is no security in this world, only opportunities!”

Why not examine this one?  It is free of charge.

Best regards

Mogens Hansen